​​Message from the Chairman of SISO

Assalamu Alaikum,

It is with great happiness and pleasure that I announce that a website dedicated to the School of Islamic Studies Ontario (SISO) has been inaugurated on September 12, 2015. 

SISO has been serving the Muslim Community in Toronto for over 40 years.  Since SISO’s inception in 1973, hundreds of students have come and gone through our doors, creating memories for not only themselves but for the many volunteers who have dedicated their time and energy in the education and upbringing of these children. 

SISO was established at a time when there were very few Islamic educational institutions available for the growing community of Muslim Canadians.  For many Muslims arriving in Canada to start their new lives, it was through SISO that they got their first exposure to a Muslim community who would welcome them to their new home.  It was at SISO that many relationships began, starting in the 1970’s and thereafter, and Alhumdulilah I’m very happy that they continue today stronger than ever.

One of the biggest aspects of SISO that has always served as an attraction for Muslim Canadians over the years was the fact that all Muslims are welcome, regardless of what countries they come from, what language they speak, what clothes they wear and what food they eat.  Additionally, the diversity of culture and language of the members of the SISO community has always been celebrated through the many events and functions that SISO has organized over the years.

The number of volunteers who have helped SISO to be successful over the years is so long, that it is not possible to name them all in a short message like this one.  Some of them have passed away, while others have reached advanced age.  Inshallah in due time, I will find a way to honour and celebrate all of our past and current volunteers by dedicating a Page of this website specifically to them.

The purpose of this website is to celebrate the long and rich history of SISO, to serve the current group of students and teachers and to maintain the strong relationships and bonds that SISO has helped establish.  Inshallah I pray that this website is successful in achieving these goals.

Lastly, I wanted to humbly and respectfully ask you all to keep in mind that although our teachers and staff are volunteers and do not receive a salary, there are other costs associated in keeping SISO up and running.  Supplies, books, teaching material and rental of school classes & gym. We also subsidize the fee for those kids whose parents cannot afford a payment. These are some of the costs faced by SISO in running an academic program from September to the following June.  Inshallah, I request that, you all donate generously but before that, remember all of us in your duas.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this website.  Please provide us feedback and comments in the Contact Us page.

Thank you,

Jaweed Siddiqui, Chairman SISO 

Left: Mohammed Yarkhan, Treasurer

Middle: Jaweed Siddiqui, Current Chairman

Right: Late Syed Abdul Basith, former Chairman and one of the original founders of SISO

Sh. Ahmad Kutty and Br. Mahmoud Mehdi, former teachers at SISO

Chairman's message

counter on godaddy

SISO Annual Day Celebrations early 90's

Left: Rahmat Shah Khan, former teacher at SISO  

Right: Syed Abdul Wahid, former Chairman and original founder of SISO

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